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Protecting yourself and your family with health insurance is perhaps an investment worth considering. There are many affordable plans available that help you bypass NHS waiting lists and get access to specialist consultants. Standard policies cover you for the basics whilst the more expensive allow you access to London teaching hospitals and additional care.

There are many options available whether you want to insure just yourself as an individual, your whole family or are looking at business plans. Medicalsure offer quotes from a range of insurance companies to find the policy that's right for you.

If you have pre-existing conditions then these should always be noted otherwise your cover may become invalid in the event of a claim. You can always customise your quote at a later stage to include other members of your family, the location of hospitals or additional cover such as cancer protection.

Why do People Choose to go Private?

The main reason people pay for this cover is for convenience, to beat NHS waiting lists and have a choice of hospital for treatment. The advantages and benefits are as follows :

Guides and Advice to Help you Choose

If you are new to all of this or what further assurance then read the Medicalsure online guide so you can ensure a healthy future for you and your family. Anyone can find the perfect package for their circumstances although pricings is dependent on your age, where you live and your medical history.

You can reduce your premium by opting for the NHS six week waiting time limits. If the NHS can't provide the service you require in six weeks you can then choose treatments under your policy.

Prices are different around the UK regions and increase each year as you get older. Some insurers won't pay out in the first year or cover areas such as pregnancy and general conditions. Read all terms and conditions carefully before making any decision.

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