About us

Geraldine Thomasson is the creator and founder of MedicalSure. Starting in 2010, here's her story that brought about the development of this company.

During 2004, Geraldine required a routine hospital appointment. After consulting with her GP, he saw that the earliest time she could see a consultant was in five months time. Unfortunately, no amount of persuasion could bring that appointment forward.

It was during this period she sought out the possibility of paying for the service. After careful consideration, she chose a BUPA policy which is still in force today and covers her husband and children.

When selecting the policy she found it difficult to get the right advice on what to choose. The MedicalSure agency was started soon after with the website launched in 2010.

Daniella Wythenshaw joined the team in 2012 to manage the customer services department.

We understand you need a dependable and reliable source, and customer satisfaction is our prime concern. We provide a personalised service from our trained staff who use the latest technologies to find you the right products. We help hundreds of families and UK businesses each year from our offices based just outside of Birmingham. Our networking within the industry keeps us abreast of market changes and legislation issues so you can trust our team.