PMI and PHI Typical Cover

Over the past decade, the UK government has invested £billions into the National Health Service (NHS) which is still free at the point of entry. Before this investment, it was wise to have PHI to jump queues to see consultants in a timely manner. Although waiting lists have now reduced, there are still many reasons to consider private medical cover.

What are the Benefits to You?

There are critical elements that you may or may not receive if you just choose the NHS over private cover.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Policy

How do you select the right health care plan for your circumstances? What should you look for once you have quotes?

The best place to start is by using our online quoting system. Once you enter details about yourself and your family, you'll be able to compare cover options by provider. Then it's down to the choices of what you believe is important based on your lifestyle. Here is our guide to choosing the right insurance for your circumstances.

There are many combinations when choosing private health insurance, so it's best to spend time going through your options. If you're in any doubt, please speak with a professional advisor. You can get quotes now by completing our online form.