Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is Medical Insurance?

This type of Insurance is designed to cover the cost of private treatment for any acute conditions you may suffer in the future. Conditions can range from something simple like breaking a bone or a more serious illness like a heart attack or cancer.

People usually purchase this cover so they will not be at the mercy of potentially long NHS waiting lists. You would be able to choose when the treatment takes place, the specialist you would like to treat you and the hospital you would like to go to.

What Exclusions Apply?

Every policy has a list of exclusions with some companies placing limits on amounts they contribute toward certain benefits. Benefits with limited cover often include routine dental check-ups and maternity costs. Some other common exclusions include pre-existing conditions, sleep disorders, cosmetic treatments, vaccinations, nursing home stays and outpatient drugs.

Do I Need to Undergo a Physical Exam?

Some providers will require you to undertake a physical exam in order to approve you for a policy. Some insurers will write to your doctor to obtain your health records while others only require you to complete a health questionnaire.

What Factors may Affect Changes to my Premiums?

Policy premiums may change over time due to advancements in the way that illnesses and conditions get treated. More expensive drugs, technology and equipment pushes premiums higher. Some insurance providers may also choose to raise premiums annually in accordance with medical inflation. Depending on whether there are tax incentives associated with your plan government policies may alter your premium.

What Should I Check When Getting Quotes Online?

You should always declare as much information about yourself and anyone in your family that will be covered by any insurance. You must declare all pre-existing medical conditions at the offset. Prices quoted are based on the information you provide. These will vary according to where you live, your age, how many people are in your family and your medical history.

If you do not declare all information correctly you may find that your insurance may be invalid in the event of any claims. If you're ever unsure then please either speak directly with the insurance company concerned or take advice from an independent financial advisor.

Premiums calculated by MedicalSure are often only valid on the day of calculation and could vary depending on the offers and potential discounts available. Promotions available at the time of your offer may also have time limits. You should look at the detail of the policy presented to you very carefully to ensure that you have the right cover for your circumstances.

Not all policies automatically cover you for all private hospitals in the UK. They may have excess fees to pay for any claims, could exclude cancer treatments and may not include children.

Please read all information very carefully and if you're in any doubt then please seek professional advice.

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